Google’s loyalty to its customers is the fact that at this time there is an attempt to maintain a rather shaky balance between the interests of users of Internet browsers and the Google search engine itself and the interests of companies that produce and use contextual advertising in their work.


We must not forget that this mass of companies brings Google an annual income of about $ 100 billion, and they do not intend to just give up such a delicious piece.


At this time, there is a rather sluggish mode of working out and writing new relevant privacy rules (Privacy Sandbox). Those companies that bring large amounts of money to the company’s cash register for targeting ads are also interested in continuing to receive data.

Apple has made a fairly tough political move – it has made a clear distinction on receiving data from the user – that is, when explicit permission is required from the client to approve the transfer of certain data; such a new trend as Apple’s App Tracking Transparency is still the most progressive on the market.



This feature of Apple products came with the new iOS 14: that is, at this time, the user must explicitly grant permission (express their informed consent) to access data, including tracking their actions.


Thus, Google now faces an extremely non-trivial task: how to support advertisers (at least to maintain the same level of revenue from targeted advertising) and, at the same time, create an understanding of the level of security of their data among users…


Google’s marketing strategy, apparently, will be based on the postulate that, in order to develop and maintain the company’s free services, users need to realize the fact that “if something is free, you are the product”; only to put this fact in the light that it is ultimately beneficial to the users themselves, and not just Google…

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