Recalling the expression – “if the product is free, then you are the product”, many providers in 2020 conducted a complete audit of their resources and revised their plans for 2021.



Hosting itself, as a type of business, now, and especially last year, has received a powerful additional boost due to the pandemic and the limitations and at the same time opportunities that have appeared in the world.


On the one hand, at this time it is quite difficult to find a person who does not even remotely understand the meaning of such words as “Internet”, “provider”, “site” and “hosting”. On the other hand, these concepts are extremely vague in the public perception…

At this time, there is a lot of information describing the algorithm for providing hosting services, but often it is not so much an explanation, but, in fact, an instruction that leads the reader to purchase a certain product (service) from a particular provider. The completeness of the picture, at the same time, suffers significantly – all the real aspects cannot be presented with this approach to publication. Only with practical use do all the pitfalls come out, which are delicately avoided, with only the positive sides exposed, which, nevertheless, are also available in large quantities.

So, hosting is a type of business in which any person, community or company can present their interests on the Internet on a site located in the server space of the provider.


Given the global trend universal, especially inspired by the conditions of last year, digitization (in the words of bill gates: there are two kinds of companies – those in the Internet, and those who have not) – service hosting providers are becoming more popular, and the growth in the number of operating only last year – exponentially in comparison with previous years…

Moreover, recently a large number of site designers have appeared, with the help of which the creation of your page turns into a rather exciting process that does not require writing and writing a line of program code.


It is interesting that during the period of forced seclusion, many people revised their view of the world, society and their positions in them. The result was not just going through the pages on the Web, but a meaningful search for new applications of their abilities, which came after stopping the continuous cycle of home-work… Started training online (taking into account how much time there was, freed from the need to spend it on the road along the route “work-home”, especially in large cities and megacities), created their own sites, sites of communities of interest – at first there was a surge of interest in large social networks, then – tired, wanted more constructive actions, since many people only hope for themselves.


Therefore, as sociology says-if you firmly hold your positions, it’s good. If it goes on for more than six months – that’s it, you’re behind the others. That is, development-preferably faster than the rest-is the key to success in the modern, rapidly progressing world space. In order not to fall behind – you need to be at least half a step ahead…


Hosting as a service in the modern public understanding is essentially something that provides an opportunity to obtain information, that is, an analogue of a company’s documentation, or a person’s portfolio, or a community album; it is a complex digital platform that combines personal, commercial and abstract interests. This is a place where everyone can access-this is what hosting providers are created for, with their own rules and needs, a whole hidden world that takes both the individual and the company to a completely different level of development…


When the decision on the need to create a website matures, there is, of course, the question of choosing a hosting provider. However, before choosing it, you need to clearly understand what you need, what kind of structure and amount of information the site will be created-and only then, based on this, you can choose a site, focusing on exactly the needs that the site will have, and not on more catchy advertising (the cost, all other things being equal, may differ quite significantly).

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