In general, such a product as a Dedicated Server is a set of hosting services, when the hosting provider allocates access to a physical server leased in the data center. The client gets full access to both the hardware and software parts for self-installation and configuration of the operating system, as well as configuration.



What you may need a Dedicated Server for – most often, to run projects that have increased resource requirements, for example:


– for hosting and administration of large sites with high traffic;

– for projects that include application sites or those that require a high level of security.


Such servers are located in specially equipped production facilities (data centers), where they are provided with all the necessary temperature and energy protection modes for uninterrupted operation (backup power and protection against power surges in the power supply network).


Six advantages of:


  1. Information security: the very structure of the organization of access to the Dedicated Server minimizes the possibility of unauthorized access;

  1. Full use of resources: only one client has all the possible capacity, there is no need to share with someone (unlike virtual hosting);


  1. Stability: in practice, it is quite problematic to take up the entire resources of a dedicated server, and this makes it possible to minimize the risks of downtime and guarantee optimal performance;


  1. Webmaster features: you can install and configure any necessary software;


  1. Improvement: when transferring a site (project, or applications) to a dedicated server, the work is optimized, which is expressed both in the time of page loading and processing of any information, and by increasing the degree of data storage security;


  1. Perspective: Taking into account the development trends since February 2020 and for the projected period of time – 3-5 years – the demand for projects that require hosting on dedicated servers is steadily and significantly growing, which is associated with an increase in the overall profitability of using Dedicated Server.


Of course, in addition to the advantages, many people try to point out the imaginary disadvantages, the main of which is the cost of renting such a server and the need for skills in its administration and configuration. This is clearly far-fetched and inadequate in such a consideration, since it is said by those who, with only a part of their knowledge and skills in the IT field, are not able to build a decently optimized, adequate working scheme from an economic point of view.


That is, if the idea itself is truly profitable, then Dedicated Server is only welcome; all other projects that are trying to either launch or support in the “on the verge of economic viability” mode are flawed in advance and it is clearly desirable to refine them to the appropriate level of development…

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