WordPress is currently the most popular content management system in the world. In general, out of the total volume of sites on the Internet and not being online stores, WordPress is preferred by developers in almost 40%…


Despite the criticism of WordPress for some slowness and imperfections of the architecture, which many webmasters attribute more to the possession of the ability to configure quality (that is, it is enough to understand the structure, functions, plugins and the interdependencies of all this), nevertheless, the number of sites on it continues to increase constantly.


So – why do developers and site administrators value WordPress so much, what is its appeal and what can it do?




Historically, from the beginning of its creation in 2003 to the present day, WordPress has evolved quite actively: since its launch by Matt Mullenweg of the first version based on CMS b2, the project, originally conceived as a blog engine, quickly jumped to the level of working with the CNET project, which further enabled the author to found the company Automatic and plunge into the development of WordPress…

Key milestones of growth and development:

* 2004: introduction of plugin support;

* 2005: the emergence of support for themes;

* 2007: new support for autosave, as well as spell checking;

* 2009: support for widgets, auto-updates, nested comments, and a full API;

* 2010: multisite support, post settings, menus;

* 2011: the core was redesigned, there was an increase in performance and major changes in the CMS interface (with additional features for users without development experience).

Further, in 2012, there were more frequent updates with a large number of innovations. As a result, from a simple engine, a very flexible CMS for sites with a wide selection of plugins for obtaining almost any result for the needs of customers has appeared.

The most simple WordPress interface often misleads novice specialists-however, such corporations as, for example, the manufacturer of Samsung equipment, the carmaker Mercedes-Benz and the food processor Coca-Cola, as well as the official website of Sweden, LinkedIn, WSJ and Forbes…

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