The British chipmaker that dominates smartphones is now trying to fix the poor performance of PCs.


Arm’s Cortex-X1 chip design can be tweaked to improve performance, and this approach should be useful as Arm tries to expand its processor family to PCs.



For years, computer manufacturers have tried to sell PCs based on Arm processors, a family of energy-efficient ones that are used in smartphones.


However, compared to models running on Intel and AMD’s x86 chips, Arm-based PCs suffer from performance and software compatibility flaws.

Now the Apple M1 processors developed by Apple, a member of the Arm family, which are used in the new MacBook, change the idea of the Arm PC.


The M1 chips offer not only good battery life, like the Qualcomm Arm chips in some Windows laptops, but also good performance. At the same time, x86 PCs improved only gradually.


So it’s no surprise that Arm CEO Simon Segars has become more optimistic.


“We’re now starting to see real innovation happening in a market that hasn’t had a lot of innovation”, Segars said in an interview during the CES 2021 technology conference. “Every time there’s a gap that makes people question how we do it, it energizes innovation.”

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