The tech giant, like all of us, will have to fight COVID-19.  But that’s only half the story.



Now that Apple’s iPhone has 5G and its Mac computers have M1 chips, what’s next?


Apple has spent the past few years making high-profile changes, such as promoting its services, with the $ 5-a-month Apple TV Plus; adding 5G to the iPhone 12; and its hit airpods wireless headphones, which cost $ 149.


In 2021, Apple will make changes that most of us won’t notice or care about, but they may be some of its most important steps. One example is that Apple plans to start using non-standard chips in more of its Macs, which will lead to thinner and probably more durable laptops.

Apple is also expected to introduce cheaper alternatives to its premium products. We already have an Apple Watch SE for $ 279, and there are rumors that the company will take a similar approach to the AirPods SE, which may have a design close to that of the well-tested noise-canceling headphones AirPods Pro for $ 249, but without additional services such as surround sound simulation.


“Our mission is to create products that play a meaningful role in people’s lives,” Apple CEO Tim cook said at one of the company’s live broadcasts in November. He said that by 2021, Apple will do even more.

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