AWS presents its response to the command-line interfaces of Google and Microsoft browsers for accessing cloud resources.


Amazon Web Services launched cloudshell, a browser-based shell for command-line access to run scripts and access various AWS resources.

The Developer Web shell is designed for developers who prefer to work in a browser and want to have a command line to access AWS tools.

According to AWS , CloudShell works on Amazon Linux and pre-installed 2 General command line interfaces, AWS, and the execution environments and the AWS SDK for programming languages Python and Node.js.

There are also popular command-line utilities to shells, such as Bash, PowerShell, Zsh, editors, version control system Git and package management – npm / Java pip / Python.

cloudshell is free for users, but developers are charged for other AWS resources used with cloudshell to create and run applications. Users can also download files up to 1 GB in size from cloudshell to their local computer. They can use up to 10 simultaneous shells in each region for free.

The new shell is designed to be used from the AWS Management Console, where clicking the shell icon in the top navigation bar opens the cloudshell environment in a new browser tab. The new browser tab uses your console credentials.

AWS cloudshell is similar to Microsoft Azure Cloud Shell and Google Cloud Platform Cloud Shell.

According to TechCrunch, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said that new cloudshell sessions are automatically pre-configured to have the same API permissions as the user in the AWS console.

This avoids having to manage multiple AWS profiles or credentials in different test and production environments, and makes it easier to start a new cloudshell session.

cloudshell is available in the Eastern United States (Northern Virginia), Eastern United States (Ohio), Western United States (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), and Asia-Pacific (Tokyo) regions. The rest of the regions are located in the nearest road map.

According to the cloudshell FAQ , cloudshell does not currently support Windows instances or new AWS macOS instances .

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