An analyst at Acronis has published a report on cyber threats for 2020. According to their research, the main targets for cybercriminals will be managed service providers, as well as employees of companies that use a remote method of work. In addition, an increased level of information leakage is predicted, which will exceed the speed of development and development of systems and the level of encryption.



In their opinion, ransomware will remain the most likely and widespread cyber threat , since almost 50% of attacks took place with the participation of such a software product as Maze: to maximize the impact of hacking, criminals demand not only the ransom of the encryption key to the blocked data, but also steal confidential data, including those that can compromise the source of information before encryption for further blackmail of victims…


In 2020, more than a thousand companies around the world became such victims when ransomware was used. Analysts believe that this trend will not only continue, but also give a significant increase, especially in the context of various quarantine measures. Cybercriminals, unlike corporate structures, instantly navigate the rapidly changing IT environment, changing and adapting their activities to the changing technological landscape.

During 2020, an anti-record was reached: about 31% of international companies reported daily attempts at cyber attacks, and the logic of events in this direction only suggests that the situation is only getting worse: all forecasts indicate that hacking of remote employees will be a trend in the coming year due to the relative ease of hacking a computer taken out of a relatively secure corporate environment…


Another disturbing trend is that standard antivirus solutions can no longer cope properly, can no longer provide protection against the rapidly changing structure of constantly improving threats: the number of malicious applications that appear daily has grown so much that it has clearly outstripped the pace of release of antivirus databases and the ability of cloud-based antivirus systems to recognize them.


Standard simple methods do not work in such conditions, because not only are corporate structures automated to optimize costs: cybercriminals have also learned to automate their actions.


Thus, instead of conducting attacks in the direction of broad coverage, they conduct targeted actions that give very serious profits. And the introduction of a holding company or group of companies into the corporate network is much more interesting for criminals, as it makes it possible to completely block the work of a commercial structure, threaten more and demand more…


Therefore, it is expected to reduce the level of attacks on small businesses, most likely, the main target will be large and medium.

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