A California district Court has rejected two decisions by President trump on H-1B visas, concerning salary restrictions and a list of where foreign programmers can work in the United States.



The court found that there were no sufficient reasons for these decisions, and also pointed to deviations from the legal implementation mechanisms made by the authorities.


These controversial decisions were made by trump in October 2020, and their cancellation is the merit of judge Jeffrey white.

The first was presented by the US Department of homeland security, and sharply limited the number of positions that could not be held not only by Americans, but also by foreign specialists. The decision was supposed to take effect on December 2, 2020, and would affect about a third of foreign specialists in the United States who are in the country according to issued work visas.


The second decision came from the US Department of labor – in contrast to the first decision, on the contrary, it improved the lives of foreigners in the country, focusing on the possibility of increasing wages for highly specialized specialists.


The BBC and the Indian Times, in turn, Express the opinion that all restrictions on the labor market are most likely related to Indian citizens: even in the Alphabet holding company, a native of India, Sundar Pichai, is running.


Such a visa as H-1B is not considered a full-fledged immigration visa. citizens who receive it receive the right to purchase real estate in the United States and the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit.

The main requirements are a bachelor’s degree. In the United States, up to 65,000 such visas were issued annually, and about 20,000 could be obtained by those with a master’s degree.


Trump also wanted to introduce additional restrictions for foreign applicants in order to give more opportunities to graduates of American educational institutions, speaking immediately after his election with the ideas of increasing the cost of such work visas and tightening requirements for specialists.


One of the first solutions was the innovation of the sample back in 2017, when a foreign specialist’s diploma of education was not enough, and it was necessary to prove that he, for example, is really a programmer. In addition, it was planned to take only highly qualified specialists with high salaries.


As a result, since August 2017, the demand for foreign specialists in the United States has collapsed – companies have restricted their recruitment to their staff due to the unstable political attitude towards them, and predicting new restrictive measures for migrant workers, as well as their employers.


Statistics of refusals to issue H1-B-every fourth applicant receives a refusal…

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