Attacked by the cryptographer Ryuk in October 2020, the French IT Corporation Sopra Steria lost the vast majority of damage in the amount of about 40-50 million euros to restore systems.


The most paradoxical thing in this situation is that with expected financial losses, the maximum amount of coverage is limited to 30 million euros.



The fact of the cyber attack was officially recognized by the company on October 21, 2020, but only at the very end of November it was reported that the cause was the cryptographer Ryuk, and that the attack itself was launched a few days before the discovery.


Since the discovery, restoration work has been carried out, and by now the company has been able to put in order almost all workstations, development and production servers, as well as internal tools and applications.

At the same time, it was not possible to find confirmation of any data leaks and no damage to client systems was recorded.


Spravochno: Sopra Steria is a French it consulting and service company with revenue of 4 billion euros in 2018.



The damage caused by the actions of virus encryption operators is estimated at an average of $ 30 to $ 70 million, regardless of whether the ransom of the decryption key was paid for: that is, the main part of the damage results from forced downtime plus the cost of restoring system health and data availability, regardless of whether they were reserved or the attackers were paid a ransom for the decryption key. In the end, it is cheaper to prevent, as usual, than to eliminate the consequences


As Bleeping Computer notes, Cognizant Corporation, the world’s largest provider of it infrastructure management services, and Norsk Hydro, a major Norwegian aluminum producer, estimated the damage that cryptographers caused to them in 2020 at similar amounts. Cognizant was successfully attacked by Maze in April; at the end of the financial year, the Corporation expects a loss of $50-70 million, Norsk Hydro was attacked by the lockergoga cryptographer, who forced to temporarily switch part of production to manual mode (damage is estimated at $33-39 million)…

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