Google has announced its plans on January 25,  2021: updated requirements about the possibility of checking some of the business transactions that can lead in some cases to temporarily block accounts of certain advertisers, which will last until the completion of monitoring the actions of organizations.




This innovation will affect all countries of the world – it is a global action of Google.


According to the company itself, Google will be able to instantly suspend the advertiser’s account and require the ability to pass verification if it finds an unclear business model and there are suspicions that advertising activities or business practices themselves are potentially capable of causing physical or financial damage to users.

The suspension of the advertiser’s account will continue until the corresponding confirmation form is completed. This form will then need to be reviewed by Google experts to confirm the criteria for compliance with the company’s policy.


As soon as the verification is completed, and if any facts about non-compliance with the platform’s rules are revealed – and they are corrected by the advertiser-the account will immediately start working again, and ads will be displayed again.


Those companies whose accounts will be subject to the verification procedure will be notified of the need to provide certain documentation within 30 days.


When an authorized representative of the company fills out all the forms, Google performs verification, otherwise the account is suspended. If you don’t pass verification after several attempts, your account will also be suspended…

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