Was only finalised requirements in a few States claim to Apple in the span of less than a week a bipartisan group of prosecutors General of the States was announced antitrust lawsuit against Google, and this lawsuit is not connected with the independent claims of the state of Texas, which, most likely, will give your claim separately, before the end of the year.


Starting in October 2020, the US Department of justice, as well as 11 States, were able to formulate their requirements in an antitrust lawsuit against Google.



The above-mentioned group of prosecutors has plans to combine their claims with those of the government (that is, the interests of the States of Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, new York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah).


A large-scale research event was held in relation to Google’s business (as well as other things, taking into account the links with the Android operating system).

In the previous, rather narrow lawsuit that the Ministry of justice filed recently against Google, the authors ‘ attention was focused on Google’s efforts to preserve, develop and strengthen its dominant position in the Internet search market and in search advertising itself.


At the same time, a separate lawsuit by the state of Texas and others is known to focus on Google’s dominance in digital advertising.


Interestingly, Google itself categorically rejects all such accusations, insisting that the dominant position in the search engine market and in other products of its media environment is a consequence of consumers ‘ independent choice.


As an example, we can remind you that the main page of the Google search engine for many years in a row was as concise as possible – without any advertising, and this, of course, is a strong trump card.


However, given the level of claims, especially if to take into account the methods of collecting information as side effects in the work of search and segregation of users and the allocation of focus groups by preferences, age, sex, interests and so on – here it becomes clear where, who and how disingenuous…

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