The events of recent months, initiated by Epic Games against Apple, as well as the EU antitrust investigation initiated by Spotify and other legal claims at various levels, have pushed the Corporation to take independent steps to mitigate the situation around relations with both users and software developers in the App Store – namely, to reduce the tax rate from January 2021 from the standard 30% accepted by other companies, such as Google, to 15%, that is, exactly 2 times.



This reduction in Commission fees will apply to companies that have a turnover of less than $ 1 million per year – in order to allow small businesses and developers to invest more in business and increase staff, as well as in the development of new innovative features.

The size of the turnover in the $ 1 million Apple explained the results of their internal studies showing that the success of applications and, accordingly, their developers about this amount, and the decrease in turnover is below specified limit will again get the opportunity to use the discount…


The process of many years of debate at various levels between Apple and its 28 million app developers, while expanding the number of active devices to 1.5 billion units, finally led to at least some compromise solution.


Epic Games ‘ high-profile lawsuit against Apple itself will be considered in 2021, and in the run-up to its consideration, there is speculation that in this way the company hopes to mitigate the consequences of its strict corporate policy regarding Commission fees: 30% were assigned from the very beginning of the App Store in 2008.

The most interesting thing is that the results of developer surveys indicate that the additional funds that can be obtained as a result of lower fees will be overwhelmingly reinvested in application development, staff growth and innovation – and the current policy leads to stagnation of small and promising projects…

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