Apple is once again leading in terms of amounts paid under settlement agreements: 34 States, led by Arizona, Arkansas and Indiana, as well as the district of Columbia, sued for incorrect information provided to users about the practice of artificially reducing the performance of old iPhone models after standard updates to their operating system – the amount of compensation was $113 million…



There has been an investigation into the device slowdown scandal, and the crux of the lawsuit filed against Apple is that the company deliberately misleads its users about its updates, using complex technical explanations for battery management. It was also stated that all Apple’s actions were focused on directing users to form an opinion about the inevitability of purchasing a new iPhone model…

In March 2020, Apple already paid $ 500 million as part of the settlement of claims for slowing down the iPhone, but in that case completely refused to admit any violations – it was stated that this was necessary to improve battery performance.


The new agreement that has been adopted so far provides for obligations to users such as reporting on their battery status policy, as well as power management through explicit notifications. Initially, this was known from Apple itself back in 2018, but in practice it was difficult for the average user to make any independent power settings for the device, which were not obviously hidden deep in the bowels of other system settings.

“Big tech companies need to stop manipulating consumers and tell them the whole truth about their products and how they work,” says mark Brnovich, attorney General of the state of Arizona. — I seek to hold these high-tech Goliaths accountable if they hide the truth from their users.”

By the way, the first were the French regulators: back in February 2020, they collected $ 25 million from Apple.

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