Microsoft has announced a “shared vision for the future of Windows PCs” with AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm – a new Microsoft Pluton processor with security features built directly into the core.


According to the developers, this processor with built-in security features is designed so that it can provide more complete integration of software and hardware of a computer running on the Windows operating system, thus blocking the possibility of cyber attacks in entire classes and directions.


Cut off a large number of potential targets of physical attacks, as well as a complication, even impossible at this period of development software options theft of user credentials and encryption keys, as well as a new level of control hardware and software integrity of the operating system and applications simplify updates through the cloud to Windows Update – this is an incomplete list of what was created by this processor.

By the way, the “from chip to cloud” protection technology was first implemented by Microsoft in Xbox and Azure Sphere.


Comment from Microsoft: “This revolutionary security processor structure will make it much harder for attackers to hide their actions on the operating system, improve the ability to repel physical attacks and prevent theft of credentials and encryption keys, and allow you to restore the system after software errors.”

The main difference between this development and the currently widely used TPM modules for secure storage of keys, system settings and parameters, and programs for integrity control is that the Pluton structure makes it impossible to attack the implementation of the connection between the CPU and the TPM block.


It is planned that new Windows computers based on the Pluton architecture will work in TPM emulation mode for some time to ensure compatibility (for existing TPM and API specifications).


A security processor such as Microsoft Pluton will be an integral component in the next releases of AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm, aiming to provide a new level of security for credentials, personal data, user IDs, and encryption keys. According to Microsoft, this information will not be deleted from Pluton even if you install malicious software or gain physical access to your computer.

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