Google decided to provide the ability to quickly directly disable various smart features and personalization to better provide privacy to its users.


The company decided to add new settings for the smart features of the Gmail mail service, as well as personalization settings for various services that use data from the user’s history of actions and behavior.


In the near future, Google will start asking users questions about their desire to use smart features and personalization in Gmail, Meet and Chat, as well as whether they should be disabled at all.



In the coming weeks, Google will start asking users if they want to use smart features and personalization in Gmail, Meet, and Chat, or if they should disable them altogether.


In Gmail, you will be asked to disable a number of smart features, such as automatic distribution of emails by category, smart input or Smart Compose, cards for purchases, booking and tracking packages, and creating events in the calendar.

Google personalization can now be disabled much more easily and explicitly (you may recall that last year the media described cases when Google employees themselves could not accurately answer questions about completely disabling rather confusing personalization settings)…

Google uses user tracking, calling it personalization, using Gmail, Meet, and Chat data to better customize its services for specific users – such as, for example, the Google Assistant voice assistant, Google Maps, and many others. For example, the Assistant will remind you about invoices, Maps will show you a restaurant with a reserved table, and Google Pay will show you loyalty cards and tickets.


Data from the user’s activity history and location is also used – if personalization is completely disabled, Google services will operate in a limited functionality mode.

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