To the question of who was able to correctly redistribute efforts in the areas of their business-the Big Tech giants, of course, were on top during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the decline in results in the first quarter of 2020, they were all able not only to return lost profits, but also to significantly increase their revenues.


Corporations have made uneven progress in various areas of IT technology. For example, Google and Apple lead the way in sales of their online stores, but Amazon has surged ahead in the direction of cloud services, capturing a significant market volume in recent months. Of course, such objective factors that accompanied the development and course of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the widespread remote operation of offices of many companies, remote training, remote video game services and video communication on the Internet, also contributed to the development of the cloud computing market.


According to the Canalys Analytics Agency, the third quarter of this year in the global cloud services market increased by 33% and reached $ 36.5 billion, which is $ 2 billion higher than in the second quarter and $ 9 billion more than in the same period last year.


The total revenue of the big four (Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba) in cloud computing grew by 40%.

In addition, Canalys in its analytical report points to a leading position in the supply of cloud services from Amazon Web Services with a market share growth of 32%, which in total is approximately equal to the shares of Microsoft Azure -19 %, Google Cloud-7 % and Alibaba Cloud – 6 %.


The shares of companies such as IBM and Oracle are less than 6%, and companies such as OVH, Digital Ocean and Linode were not taken into account.


At the same time, it is necessary to note and growth of Microsoft Azure, which has reached the time indicator in 19% of the market capacity, made possible, according to company representatives, because “the number of long-term contracts, which underlines the commitment of its larger customers as they carry mission-critical workloads in Azure”.


Google also shows steady growth, primarily due to integration with partners, while Alibaba is the market leader in the Asia-Pacific region .

According to Canalys, the trend in the development of hybrid cloud systems is positive, based on the growing need for capacity and commissioning of both 5G networks and other projects with ultra-low latency to support the activities of industrial production, transport and special equipment.


“The convergence of cloud and 5G on the mobile frontier will create a new wave of growth for leading cloud service providers,” said Canalys analyst Blake Murray. — It also represents new territory for infrastructure creation and competition between AWS with Wavelength, Microsoft Azure with Edge Zones, and Google Cloud with Mobile Edge Cloud.”

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