The new browser from Microsoft is steadily increasing its share in the global Internet space. The transition to technology from Google made it possible from the beginning of the year almost from scratch to take the market volume at the beginning of October this year more than 10%, according to the analytical company NetMarketShare.


The share of the Edge browser based on Chromium in September 2020 was about 8.84%, and in October it was already 10.22%.



Microsoft made a great move with pre-installing the browser in the operating system, and strengthened its position by entering the browser on previous versions of Windows with updates throughout the year, not counting promotions in all its other products.


The state of competitors in the browser market: the share of Google Chrome is 69.25% (in September-69.94%), and the share of Safari also decreased (over the past month on computers with MacOs, the share fell from 3.57% to 3.4%), according to Windows Latest.

That is, over the past few months, the new browser from Microsoft has withdrawn market share of about 3%, and Chrome has lost about 2% …




Summing up the results of 2018, Microsoft has put an end to the long-term struggle for primacy between browser technologies, admitting its final defeat in the competitive battle with Chromium. Thus, it was decided to integrate the Blink page rendering algorithm from Google and The JavaScript V8 engine into the new browser project.


Released in January 2020, Edge, based on Chrome, became the second most popular By April, ahead of all others. Interestingly, Microsoft has made available versions of its product for both MacOs, iOs, Android and Windows 7.


in Addition, there are extremely interesting test versions of Edge based on Chromium, which has no analogues in current browsers.

This feature, taking into account the trend towards increasing widescreen over the past 5 years, is clearly gaining popularity among testers and is predicted to have an equally bright response from the user audience.

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