The Linux Foundation, a non-profit company, and the edX training system published an analysis of demand for open source software development specialists and trends in this area in their 2020 Open Source Jobs Report.



Ignoring the coronavirus pandemic, the search for specialists with development skills in open source technologies not only continues to be high, but also shows steady growth.


Companies are constantly increasing the number of vacancies and recruitment of employees, while offering expanded educational opportunities for existing employees in order to further develop their competencies.


Approximately 93 % of headhunters admit to difficulties filling such vacancies as open source software developers, and in 63% of cases, it turned out that their companies launched open source system projects due to the presence of employees with the competence to work with such SOFTWARE.


DevOps positions have become the leading vacancies for hiring managers, meaning that approximately 65 % want to find them, and this has changed the demand for developers for the first time – placing them in second place (59%).

Key findings, according to the report 2020 Open Source Jobs Report:


– There are not enough qualified specialists working with open source SOFTWARE;


– DevOps shows a clear growth: such specialists have become the most popular professions;


– Recruitment is gradually declining, but despite all the accompanying factors and the decline in economic indicators, 37 % of headhunters plan to hire qualified specialists in 2021;


– Online training is also gaining momentum: 80 % of employers conduct various trainings and encourage employees to take online courses on Open Sourse;


– Increases the value of educational certificates;


– Various cloud technologies are also popular: hiring managers reported that knowledge of open cloud technologies has the most significant impact — 70 % are more likely to hire a professional with such skills, compared to 66% in 2018.

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