According to data from the analytical report of J’son&Partners Consulting on the network security market (indicators for standard products were considered, as well as the consumption of Security as a Service (cloud security services)), with the forecast horizon until 2025, the global volume of services reached $ 26 billion in 2019, of which cloud information security systems accounted for 24%, that is, about $6.2 billion.


At the same time, the market for information security and cyber security services is expected to grow by at least 11% in the 2020-2023 period and reach a volume of $ 40 billion by 2023.



Analysts believe that as a driver of growth, cloud models will be able to show growth in the field of IT security and indicators will grow about 2 times higher than the rest of the market – about 24% per year…


The main drivers of growth, according to J’son&Partners Consulting, in relation to the cybersecurity market in the world:


* An increase in the amount of data that will be processed and stored on any computer device, combined with an increase and mutual integration of both the number of types of such devices and applications and services;

* Moving in the direction of the trend to integrate technological applications and services of the business environment with the merger of the virtual and physical environment;

* The tendency to parallelize and distribute resources when processing applications, while the server and client parts are not only in different networks, but also geographically separated;

* Increasing the types and intensity of various threats to information security.

The following drivers of cloud cybersecurity will show faster growth


* a Sharp increase in users in cloud applications and services, and the transition of critical business applications to the public and hybrid cloud platform;

* Increase of encrypted traffic in the WAN and, as a result, complication of its inspection;

* Practical implementation of deep real-time Analytics as a result of the growing amount of data in cloud environments;

* Incomplete provision of standard cybersecurity tools and the choice of subscription service models by many companies.


Of course, the structure of hybrid distributed cloud environments assumes that full-fledged protection is possible only if cybersecurity systems are fully integrated into all components of such systems, up to the level of full integration into the means of protecting communication channels… the Key role, in this case, is assigned to end-to-end isolation of application traffic (“end-to-end network layer”, according to the new 3GPP standards).


Data centers that are located on the edge of networks as part of components that form such an end-to — end layer ((Multi – Tenancy Edge Computing-MEC)) can allow such delay-sensitive security functions, such as inter-network scanning, to be located much closer to security objects while reducing the load in the network layer.


In 2020, a new, 16th release of such a standard as 5G 3GPP was released, introducing higher-level metrics, adding to the usual metrics of bandwidth and latency, such as availability and security metrics. In the first projects using 5G, the analysis showed more stringent and practically justified cybersecurity measures that are already used in transport, energy and industrial production of a continuous cycle, which explains the growing demand for such systems in the market – with increased security and reduced loads on the IT infrastructure, the competitiveness of such solutions is very high; the only question is the cost of deployment and investment capacity of such systems.

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