Google published an open letter in response to a lawsuit filed by the US Department of justice related to violations of antitrust laws.


In response to the main articles of the charges, Google said that the search engine chosen by users is a conscious choice, and not out of necessity due to the lack of analogues in the market and the information infrastructure itself.



In Google believe that such complaints can, in the end, only hurt end-users of the services of the Corporation because the company’s engineers work tirelessly to improve the search results, and claims and power structures based on the controversial arguments, not covering complete the picture as a whole, that creates grounds for abuse and can lead, if they meet the required conditions, to increasing the ultimate cost smartphones and reduction in the quality of services provided.

“Like other businesses, we pay for the promotion of our services. This is the same thing when grain producers pay extra to the supermarket for placing their product at the customer’s eye level, instead of the corner on the shelf. As for digital services, the purchased devices also have their own shelves. For mobile devices, this shelf is controlled by Apple, as well as companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Samsung and LG. For desktop PCs, Microsoft has control. We are in talks with many companies, but let’s be clear — our competitors are easily accessible if you want to use their service,” says Google.


At the same time, Google claims that there are no obstacles to installing software outside the framework of pure Android on smartphones, and even in the Chrome browser itself when it is first launched, and then you can choose the search engine from the settings.


In addition, it emphasizes free of charge as the main condition for Android operation…

Google also said that due to the fact that one of the key claims in the justice Department’s lawsuit is “insufficient experience of Americans in using services”, in contrast, it provided information that more than 204 billion applications were downloaded in 2019, most of which are not pre – installed on Android smartphones – Instagram, Spotify, Snapchat and others.


“We understand that success attracts close attention, but we stand our ground. The antitrust law is designed to encourage innovation and help consumers, not change the rules of the game in favor of specific competitors or make it difficult for people to access the services they want. We are confident that the court will decide that this claim does not correspond to the facts,” the letter concludes.

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