The non-governmental organization Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) from California (USA) sold 4 million IPv4 addresses to Amazon for $108 million.

Amateur radio at one time was allocated in the network 44 (, also familiar to many users under the name AMPRNet, a certain set of addresses for research and experiments with digital communications.

The coordinator was the non-profit organization ARDC.


The block ( of approximately four million AMPRNet IP addresses out of the 16 million available was sold to Amazon by ARDC in mid-2019, but only now has the transaction value been announced. Amazon paid ARDC approximately $27 for each IPv4 address.

“The non-disclosure agreement with Amazon, which related to the sale of our redundant IP addresses, required us not to disclose the exact dollar amounts until we are required by law to disclose them in our annual tax returns, audit and financial reports. They have just been made public and are available online on the California attorney General’s website (since ARDC is registered in California). You can also get some background information in our Wikipedia article,” Phil Carne said in a post on the AMSAT Bulletin Board (AMSAT — BB) website.


He promised that the organization will annually allocate about $5 million from the amount received for Internet and Amateur radio digital communication projects. “To date, we have allocated about $2.5 million in grants, so we are just getting started,” the head of ARDC added.

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