Nokia and Google Cloud executives have signed a strategic partnership agreement that will see NOKIA move its it infrastructure to the Google Cloud over the next five years. The agreement stipulates that NOKIA’s data centers and SERVERS will be relocated from all over the world, including various software components.



As presented in Nokia’s press release, this transaction shows the direction of growth trends and the desire for stability in the direction of an IT strategy focused on the latest modern cloud technologies, as well as efforts to actively strengthen and match the time in their digital aspects of activity, which also provides additional opportunities for both cooperation and employees of the company, while improving the quality of service to the customer base.

It is assumed that such an Alliance in conjunction with Nokia and Google Cloud in the future will give a significant increase in operational performance, overall efficiency and bring quite significant savings when taking into account the reduction of space occupied by equipment and reduced energy consumption of the infrastructure, not counting the reduced need for the equipment itself.


Over the past few months, companies have developed a unique service migration system that will allow you to smoothly, within 1-2 years, and completely painlessly and unnoticeably for end users to switch to the Google Cloud service, where, along with closing your own data centers, Nokia will minimize the impact on your business while creating a solid Foundation for the future. Google Cloud participates in integration by providing its specialists in the data migration process.


It is believed that a fairly wide range of Google software solutions in computing technologies, network solutions, and data storage infrastructure with special flexibility and rapid deployment during migration will make it possible to minimize risks in terms of both time and security of data migration.


The local system of the entire Nokia IT infrastructure will be moved to Google Cloud, the migration of Nokia services itself has been launched and no one has noticed anything yet-the movement is uninterrupted…

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