The Freedom House research group stated in its report that many governments are using the coronavirus pandemic to tighten control over Internet Users.


They believe that the situation of real freedom of speech and privacy has steadily deteriorated over the past six months.



It is also noted that during the restrictions and special conditions of activity during the pandemic, society has become much more dependent on digitalization, and the Internet itself is more controlled by various structures. This trend has continued since 2010.


The analysis was conducted for 65 countries around the world, and the conclusion of the study is that the most difficult situation is in China. According to the Freedom House group, officials in 28 countries (including Belarus, Venezuela and Bangladesh) did not provide real information on the coronavirus, in 45 countries the authorities allowed the arrest of users who criticized the situation over the Internet, and in at least 30 countries, total collection of information from the Internet began. Mobile applications were developed in 54 countries to track compliance and incidents of quarantine violations.

And from October 2020, all videos containing any misinformation about coronavirus vaccines will be removed from YouTube.


That is: you can’t upload videos and information that such a vaccine can potentially cause infertility, or even chip people in some way.


Thus, YouTube joins the company to control misinformation on the Internet and tries to get rid of videos with any data that contradicts the official position of medical experts or the well-founded opinion of the world health organization (who).


This updated policy will expand the current YouTube rules regarding disinformation, including on coronavirus, and will also prohibit the publication of videos with claims that the coronavirus does not exist and that it is not so contagious, if at all…


In General, anti-vaccinators on YouTube began to fight last year, when a ban on monetization of videos with harm from vaccines was issued.

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