There is an opinion that Google uses its resources based on its dominant position in the information technology market in terms of search and control over the Android OS to increase its share in browsers – meaning Chrome.


During 2020 alone, several investigations were conducted against the IT giant (a series of which, however, were initiated against other major technology companies). The antitrust case against Google is currently being investigated by the US Department of justice – and one of the aspects being considered is whether it makes sense to force the Corporation to sell Crome and part of its advertising business…

The Ministry of justice is considering such a proposal in preparation for an antitrust trial that began several weeks ago. If they succeed, it will be the first such ruling in the US in a decade.


At this time, there is an active discussion about reducing Google’s control over the global digital advertising market, the total value of which is estimated at 162.3 billion us dollars. Not all departments of various government agencies involved in both discussion and decision-making on the part of the US government have yet reached a final conclusion regarding Google’s activities, but the Prosecutor’s office, nevertheless, requires the expert Council on advertising, as well as competitors in this industry and various media outlets, to immediately introduce restrictive measures to reduce the company’s control over the global digital infrastructure and economy.


In addition, the Ministry of justice is also working on a separate antitrust lawsuit against Google in terms of control over the Internet search market: as early as next week, the Department may officially file a lawsuit.


The government’s antitrust sub-Committee has argued that Google has created a “huge monopoly Empire” where, as part of its status as a subsidiary of Alphabet, it uses its media structures and services to suppress and dominate competitors in all the markets involved in this business. It is also stated that the growth of Google’s cloud infrastructure and existing plans for the acquisition of Fitbit will further strengthen the company’s position.

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