This is the opinion of Eric Reidmond, co-founder of the Open Source Initiative and author of “the law of Linus “and the book”Cathedral and Bazaar”.


Indeed, his arguments make you think… Eric says that the direction in which Windows is moving is to become an emulation layer on the Linux kernel. This is the result of many steps that Microsoft has taken since the time when Android was still “underdeveloped” – it was only designed and actively tested, but even then components from Linux began their way to Windows 7 (under the guise of such names as “support for the UNIX printing subsystem “and”extended network support”). Thus, starting with the integration of network protocols, *nix began to be implemented in Microsoft.




However, there is nothing contrary to the principles of development of economic relations – has long been known that Microsoft are working on systems that cope better with the tasks in a given corridor of price and quality – certainly not of its own production, which, however, are just not tuned for such a scale at an appropriate level of reliability, stability and security.

At the same time, Microsoft demonstrates quite friendly relations with Linux: it is actively working on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) — the Linux subsystem for Windows, and in the Edge browser, which first worked on the EdgeHTML engine, but then was transferred to Chromium. And, as a result, Microsoft announced the integration of a full-fledged Linux kernel into its OS, which is “necessary for WSL2 to work with full functionality.”


There are also other arguments in favor of “moving” Windows to the Linux kernel, namely:


– a large number of bugs in the Windows kernel: in the latest update for Windows 10 – about 50 fixes;

– the need to invest in the development of a proprietary Windows kernel – to optimize costs, the Corporation may well go to the Linux kernel, which is free;

– continuous decline in Windows ROI – most of Microsoft’s revenue comes from the Azure service.


And, of course, the bonus:


Microsoft is one of the largest partners of the Linux Foundation. Guess who owns the largest open source section on GitHub? That’s Right, Microsoft. The company produces more and more open Source products and cooperates with the largest representatives of the Open Source field.

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