In recent years, the development of AI (artificial intelligence), coupled with ML (machine learning), has shown completely different horizons in the field of corporate IT technologies- and this applies to absolutely any field of activity of companies.


Data processing has turned from routine operations in modern data centers into a rather exciting process that affects the interests of completely previously disjoint segments of business processes.



According to data for 2019, 37% of enterprises use AI to some extent when analyzing their work processes, which gives an increase of 270% over the past 4 years.


Such an opportunity, such as collecting data to form business ideas, inspires many minds and shows the real potential of technology that can find connections between data objects where previously, due to the huge array, at the existing level, it was almost impossible to find.


At this time, the main trends in the creation of data centers for companies are:


– direction of development and integration of embedded intelligent systems into processes;

– creating special chips for AI;

– integrated automation (elimination of repetitions in the algorithms of operators).


In other words, in any case, the appropriate infrastructure must be implemented that will allow all these ideas to be implemented fortunately, the technical basis for this is already available, and it is up to the software implementation.

For example, to implement the transition to actual embedded intelligent systems will require linkages between such systems and manage devices – remember the example where bots in Facebook not so long ago invented their own language to communicate among themselves, and the developers have disabled them with these opportunities?


But in the case of the development of AI transport critically requires that cars of different brands and systems have found a common language in traffic…


In other words, both cloud and local computing will be important here at a completely different level of both software and processor performance – fortunately, 5G is already being launched and 6G development is already in full swing.


As for AI chips, this is also an urgent need: that is, the practice of using existing General – purpose chips in the AI computing environment is too much of a luxury.


Also, we must not forget about the catostrophic shortage of qualified specialists with specialized education in this area – for the explosive growth of AI technology, they are just not enough…


Nowadays, there is a growing trend of qualification of any employee to the level of at least a standard data scientist-that is, any employee of the company should be able to analyze at least at a basic level the data that they need to work with on a daily basis.


The future, as expected, is for those Data centers that can strategically correctly regulate the load and predict the occurrence of certain indicators at the level of numbers and events with reference to the date and time of their occurrence at certain introductory and – necessarily – when adjusting the introductory, also by time and date…

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