In connection with the upcoming release on the market in November 2020, Microsoft Corporation launches its new cloud service Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


Since at this time it is also planned to start selling Xbox Series S and X game consoles, such a step to open a cloud gaming service, according to the Corporation, should significantly increase Microsoft’s competitiveness in the confrontation with Sony’s consoles.


Most importantly, to participate in games for Xbox consoles in the new mode, you do not even need to purchase the console itself.


The fact is that, in addition to Xbox consoles, the Game Pass Ultimate service will support the game on devices with the Android operating system with the appropriate game controller, as well as on personal computers.

Access to the service will be available in the beta version of the service in 22 countries and will allow you to play more than 150 games (starting from Sea of Thieves, Gears 5 and many others) at a cost of $ 14.99 per month, and the initial first month of subscription will cost only $ 1.

For the full operation of such a high-load service as a cloud gaming system, it will require, of course, a high bandwidth Internet connection for users.


Microsoft has tried to optimize these requirements as much as possible and reduce them to the lowest possible level, including signing contracts with Internet service providers to get the most reliable connection between players and data centers of the Microsoft Azure cloud system.



In November, Microsoft Xbox series s and x consoles go on sale. The presence of a cloud gaming service should help them compete with Sony PlayStation consoles.


Sony has long launched a similar service, PlayStation Now, but, unlike the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it does not support mobile devices.

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