In the official channel (blog) YouTube on September 14, it was reported that the video hosting company plans to launch the latest platform on which you can create and publish short videos.




This service, apparently, to some extent copies the functions of the TikTok app, and will be called Shorts.


It will be aimed at fans of recording short videos on a smartphone, and also as a bonus will give them the opportunity to overlay music, various special effects and develop networks of subscribers.


The experimental springboard of the service, where beta testing will take place, is planned in India-there is an atmosphere that is quite conducive to such tests – this means a direct ban on TikTok and many other Chinese social network applications.


That is, Youtube uses its capabilities to develop new markets, after the August launch of Facebook, which launched a similar service on TikTok Reels, where to publish the video length to 15 seconds to open the camera in Instagram, where after selecting the appropriate options – remove and publish it.


But the ban in India and the US on TikTok and WeChat, when finally completed, can most likely be circumvented, as it happened with Telegram-despite all the bans and blockages, it successfully held on to the market, working through both paid and free VPN systems…

At the moment, the existing requirements of the US government to transfer control of TikTok to Microsoft do not leave any reasonable user a chance to conclude that the development of any mass user services in the US is possible only if the share is sold to local companies.


At this time, after the refusal to provide the full algorithm for TikTok and the owners ‘ choice for sale is not Microsoft, but Oracle, it is difficult to fully imagine all the options for further development and distribution of the mobile application in this territory.


Opinions –


  1. Owner of Katkov & partners Pavel Katkov:


— In fact, before our eyes, the American Internet policy is changing: if there was minimal interference before, now I would call it the policy of the national protectorate;


  1. Director of the Institute of information technologies of synergy University Stanislav Kosarev:


– Recent decisions indicate that the trade war with China is gaining momentum and reaching a new level. The US is no longer satisfied with additional trade duties and restrictions, now they are looking towards the IT sphere.

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