Google is constantly improving its system of apps and services to make them easier to use. This often happens unexpectedly for users who themselves do not know how much they needed the new feature implemented by Google – the company processes a huge amount of information in order to analytically, at the tip of the pen, understand the nuances of user interaction both with the interface itself and within the program system…

That is, in the near future, users will be able to exchange applications without an Internet connection, that is, they will be able to send applications downloaded from Google Play offline, using the P2P data transfer Protocol, completely without using any intermediate third-party services – the implementation of this function will be “sewn” into the Google store app itself.


Implementation is assumed as follows:


  1. Sign in to the Google Play app;
  2. Application selection;
  3. View the nearest devices on the network;
  4. Pairing devices via Bluetooth or NFC;
  5. Directly transfer files over WiFi.

Additionally, it is planned to rename the Google Play page “My apps” – it will be called “manage apps and device” with two additional sections: “Overview” and “Management”.

The “Overview” section will contain information about installed applications (in particular, those that need to be updated), as well as data on storage capacity, reviews and ratings.

In the second section, “Management”, there will be all other applications with a choice of options for filtering and ordering them according to user-friendly criteria.


The release date of the current Google Play update for this feature will be announced soon.

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