For sure, almost any modern person who uses Whatsapp for everyday communication in various networks knows the expression “text bomb”.


This expression describes a message in a special format that causes the app to freeze or even restart a smartphone running both Android and iOS.


Not so long ago, journalists discovered entire “factories” for the production of such messages. And although the problem itself is several years old, there is still no clear explanation of the reasons why “enthusiasts” make such messages and send them to other users.

At this time, Whatsapp developers can not completely eliminate the ground for exploiting such a vulnerability, and the reason is not in the desire to continue this epic: when a message in a non-standard format appears on the smartphone screen, the SOFTWARE tries to make calculations for pixel optimization of the image. With specially selected character groups in the message, calculations are either, as experts say, “looped”, or reset and the calculation is repeated again – in any case, up to cyclic device reboots – and it is almost impossible to fully predict the appearance of new text messages of this class.


There is, of course, an antidote – you can simply install either a “redesigned” Whatsapp, or install, for example, extended support for various types of encodings, including the so-called Sidhi language that sends such texts.


But, of course, this is not a panacea: you can always run a message in another rather rare language, or just create a compilation – for such purposes, it is now quite possible to use artificial intelligence programs…


Of course, at this time, the easiest way to avoid the appearance of such miracles in your smartphone is to simply prohibit messages from at least unknown contacts and regularly back up.


It is also important to have access to the browser version of Whatsapp (which, fortunately, is not affected by such vulnerabilities) to be able to delete such a critical message if necessary.

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