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  1. the game Crusader Kings 3 was deliberately released by developers without DRM protection — it even works multiplayer…


Paradox Interactive, releasing its strategy Crusader Kings 3, from the first minutes attracted the attention of several thousand gamers who subscribed to the game page in the CrackWatch service… But they were expected to be very disappointed-the developers refused to protect the game in any way.




In the discussion, it was reported that when you log in to your Paradox account, including on an illegal copy, you can start multiplayer.


As for the popularity of the game-the Steam version is in a record position for online – in the first few hours, 100 thousand people came to Crusader Kings 3. This is the 5th place in the Steam online rating.


In addition, Crusader Kings 3 received 91/100 on Metacritic. This is their third game in 2020 to get an average score of more than 90. The strategy is also already available as part of the Xbox Game Pass.


  1. the game Iron Harvest was successfully hacked on the day of release-September 1.


The CrackWatch website published information about the hacking of the dieselpunk strategy Iron Harvest-taking into account the fact that at that time the game was released only a few hours ago…

The events take place in an alternate history of the First world war, where Polania, Saxony and Rusvet are fighting. Single-player campaign – 20 missions, multiplayer mode-PvP battles and cooperative fights.

Published the first ratings — on Metacritic, the game scored a rating of 77 points (8 reviews). OpenCritic also has a score of 77 (12 reviews). Steam rating-73% of participants recommend this project. The game is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


  1. Wasteland 3-also hacked on the release date-August 28.


The game was protected only by Steam-DRM-such a protection component as Denuvo did not have to be bypassed.

Those who played Wasteland 3 are very happy – previous errors of previous versions of the game were taken into account and one of the most authentic role-playing games in the category was obtained. If you get rid of the remaining technical flaws – there is an opportunity to become the best RPG of the year.


And finally:

 On August 25, 2020, CODEX hackers broke into Project CARS 3 3 days before the release. The races were protected by Steam-DRM…

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