Apparently, everyone is thoroughly fed up with cheaters – their manner of behaving in cyberspace from the position of having exploits for purchasing in-game currency finally upset the company Rockstar, which cleared GTA Online of such “players” at the end of August.




Several tens of thousands were” reset” (!!!) accounts – the company’s developers brought out of the shadow economy, the enormous wealth of exploit exploiters…


For example, the glitch of buying an apartment or garage made it possible to get millions of game dollars in half an hour or less. The effectiveness of this approach, which clearly violates the principles of game equality and the agreement with the company itself – which, as usual, no one carefully read) – forced the game’s publisher (Take-Two Interactive) to contact YouTube to delete videos demonstrating the process, which was immediately done.


As a result, players who used the exploit were informed when they entered the game that their accounts were reset to zero – money, all previous achievements, character levels, cars, houses, apartments, any property – even clothing – were reset to zero.

They lost not only the dishonestly “earned” money – but also everything else, even if it was honestly earned in the past for completed missions.

And then it started:)))


Thousands of angry posts about the removal of the game, outbursts of rage and helpless anger-how, they just considered themselves the smartest, so low in the eyes of the surrounding gaming community… Of course, megalomania is only the reverse of an inferiority complex, but when it is done so harshly – breaking the pattern does not allow for an adequate response from most players who are not aware of the moral and ethical side of their behavior, no one wants to be responsible for their actions, all require special conditions – a continuous circus. However, there is a positive point: you can immediately filter out adequate players who calmly accepted the situation and started again…


That is, GTA Online blocked the famous glitches of earning money. However, since then, users have found new opportunities to farm currency using the game’s exploits.


Of course, honest players could have been caught up in such a wave. But this is another story – if they have suffered, then let them blame the cheaters and write letters to the game’s publisher…

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