At this time, The Tiktok buyer is expected to be announced to the General public within the next 24 hours.


Among the possible bidders to acquire TikTok assets in Australia, New Zealand and the United States are such whales as Microsoft together with Walmart and Oracle.


Interesting fact: due to recent changes in the export legislation of the PRC-bytedance Corporation (owner of TikTok) you will have to go through the procedure of obtaining permission from the Chinese authorities before purchasing part of the company in the United States.




At this time, it is known that ByteDance has previously decided on buyers – but only Microsoft, Walmart, and Oracle have so far refrained from any comments on this issue.

At the same time, according to the Decree of Donald trump, the procedure for transferring ownership to TikTok should be completed by November 2020.

Otherwise, it is planned to completely block the app in the United States due to potential threats to state security due to possible contacts between the company and the Chinese government.

Thus, TikTok still has almost two months left, but it is definitely worth hurrying because of the complexities of the asset registration procedure: the Chinese government has activated a law that has not changed since 2008, which now requires that when transferring property or exporting technologies related to artificial intelligence, as well as face recognition – to obtain a special permit, with a 30-day review period…

Of course, it was immediately suggested by the analytical services of potential buyers that this situation arose in connection with the intention of the PRC to prevent or delay the process of selling TikTok abroad.



In late August, it was reported that Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg could direct the attention of the US government and President trump to TikTok, providing them with information about a potential threat from such an app, whose parent company is located in China.


Last fall in Washington, Zuckerberg, meeting with lawmakers, put forward the idea of Chinese applications and their potential threat to US national security.


Such information distributed by the media, of course, suggests the influence of Facebook on a competitor – but, speaking sensibly, of course, you can immediately understand that TikTok has too many competitors, and if you link all the statements of the heads of companies, the list will not be on one page, especially since the decision was made by trump much earlier, and based on completely different sources, as GPDHost in its blog already informed its readers a few months ago – in relation to Chinese companies in General.

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