Apple blocked a recent Facebook update on Thursday that revealed the payment structure for in-app purchases.


Thus, the opportunity to provide users with information about the 30% tax in the App Store for customer purchases via the social network was covered.


Facebook felt that, especially given the overall economic situation in the world due to the pandemic, it would be useful for people to find out exactly how their payments are spent – that is, where the funds actually flow.

“Now, more than ever, we need to be able to help people understand where money really goes. Unfortunately, Apple rejected our transparency notice regarding its 30% tax, but we are still working to make this information available inside the app, ” Facebook wrote.

Earlier this month, Facebook launched a new campaign to help entrepreneurs make up for lost revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Business owners were offered to hold paid online events on the social network platform. Facebook has called on Apple to waive the high Commission for paying for these events in order to transfer these funds to the owners of the affected business. The company refused. This year, Apple became the most expensive American company in history.

According to the internal rules of the App Store, Apple does not consider it necessary to disclose “irrelevant data” (that is, those that the user did not explicitly request from the company). The company believes that their customers are not interested in knowing unnecessary information, including information that reveals where their money goes when making payments.


Apple did not comment on the situation with the blocked Facebook update.

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