Since August 13, 2020, the heated controversy that arose as a result of a long-standing contradiction in the policy of such giants as Apple and Google in relation to software developers has not subsided.

The financial foundations of these corporations are based on basic principles, which are the constant collection of 10 to 30% of all payments from digital products sold in their stores.

Of course, no one disputes the fact of their merits in the organization and investment in the development of their operating systems. But at the same time, we should not lose sight of the fact that many startups with minimal profitability and unique offers on the market due to this policy can not get proper development, that is, there is a stagnation of development.

Of course, those applications that take off on the wave of HYIP to the skies – like the same Tik-Tok – are rather exceptions, only confirming the rule.


Microsoft, amid negotiations to acquire the same Tik-Tok, saw Apple’s claims and threats to remove Epic Games ‘ Fornite game from the Apple store as a violation of its direct economic interests: the Unreal Engine will have difficulties in distribution – here the paths intersect with Apple – one of Microsoft’s projects works just on its basis.

Discord in such large companies will definitely upend the basic foundations of the mobile app distribution industry and change the foundations of the existence of the iOS and Android software ecosystems…

At this time, Microsoft has come out in support of Epic Games, and has threatened to sue Apple if the Epic Games account is removed from the App Store. The lawsuit against Google, which also blocked the Epic Games account indefinitely, has not yet been discussed.

Microsoft came out not only to protect its interests – representatives of the company spoke publicly, saying that not only the owners of Fornite, but also many other companies associated with the game engine will suffer.

Epic Games is not only a developer – it is working on its own game engine Unreal Engine, which in 2020 has already Reached the fifth generation and is considered one of the most popular in the world. Many games have been created on its basis, including the company Turn 10 Studios, which created the Forza Street car simulator, which was released for Apple iOS and Google Android in 2020. The publisher is Xbox Game Studios, a” daughter ” of Microsoft.

But Apple is not limited to the confrontation with Fornite and its paid features… Now the company is starting to struggle with the features that developers provide to users for free!

It all started with WordPress: on August 21, the founder of the project (Matt Mullenweg) announced that the update of the WordPress application was blocked, which allowed users to create sites for free directly from the screen of their mobile device… The reason for the block was the lack of paid plugins in the app – after adding them, the account was unblocked.

And now-attention-the continuation of the story with WordPress! – on August 23, Apple withdrew its requirement, but the developers have already made changes…


The popularity of WordPress, which, according to various estimates, runs up to a third of the Internet – of course, is already beyond direct claims – is already an attempt to restore some, apparently, their own corporate order in the world of IT…

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