At the WWDC 2020 conference, Apple released information about the plan to switch over the next two years on computers with chipsets from Intel to products of its own design and production. The architecture, according to the company’s previous statements, is ARM.

In addition, AMD’s products (in terms of graphics accelerators) will also lose their relevance in the light of Apple’s own solutions.



However, it is unlikely to expect the announced integrated graphics accelerators from Apple in the near future – according to official plans of the company, even in 2021, MacBook Pro 16 laptops and iMac monoblocks will use Central processors from Intel and AMD Radeon graphics will be used.

The latest computer models, at the same time, will receive relatively powerful integrated solutions in terms of graphics accelerators. The only question is whether the overall performance of such a bundle will meet the needs of users.

Historically, a similar approach took place in Intel and AMD, when they tried to create an alternative to the desktop version of integrated GPUs in laptop computers, and then in desktop systems. Experience has shown the inferiority of this approach, this niche has worked in the budget variant.


Of course, Apple’s undoubted advantage is decent code optimization for its own hardware and high autonomy promised in its new ARM processors, which in theory should offset the disadvantages of analogues identified when implementing such platforms in Intel and AMD.

In General, presumably, Apple will completely abandon Intel Central processors and AMD video cards in its Mac computers around the end of 2021 or in the middle of 2022. Of course, it is unlikely that the proposed new graphics will immediately be able to compete with the top video cards from AMD, but the company does not set this goal, at least not so quickly…

Also, clearly not earlier than 2022, but still will have to appear and discrete video cards from Apple.


According to tests, at this time, “the Apple a12z Bionic single-chip system in OpenCL tests bypasses the embedded graphics in AMD Ryzen 5 4500U and Intel Core i7-1065G7 chips. This year’s upcoming 5-nm a14x Bionic chip for future iPad Pro tablets promises to be much more powerful — according to some estimates, it will be on par with the 8-core Intel Core i9-9880H. There are rumors that the first 12-inch MacBook based on ARM, expected this year, will get a 12-core processor — it will be interesting to see what performance such a system can offer.”

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