After offering to pay in the game Fortnite in its own payment system, first Apple, and then Google removed the ability to both download and update from their stores…


The launch and direct offer to pay directly, bypassing the Commission of the IT giants, which is 30%, in fact, was a Declaration of war.

Application developers from all over the world have repeatedly raised the issue of this Commission over the past few years, considering it unfair – as in the end, many startups do not go to launch, and existing applications eventually get their mark-up out of the pocket of users, which negatively affects the ability to continue supporting and updating.


At this time, the official reason for removing the game from stores is “violation of payment rules”. That is, the monopolists believe that their rule, according to which they are entitled to 30% of the sale of any goods.

At the same time, since August 13, 2020, the company “Epic Games” has presented users of its game with the opportunity to pay on its own platform – “Epic direct payment”, offering for those chips that are purchased inside the already purchased game-with a discount of up to 20%…

Neither Apple nor Google hesitated for a long time – the shutdown was very quick – how, direct financial interests were not even affected, but the pillars of the payment regulations…

The mouthpiece of the reaction was “Reuters”, which published a comment” Apple”, which refers to the launch of its own payment system by” Epic Games “with the” clear intention to violate the guidelines of the App Store”, which”create a level playing field for all developers and make the store safe for all users.”

So, hiding behind the mask of imaginary security, this secret of polichinel-protecting their financial interests at the expense of both developers of applications for their own operating systems and devices-will continue to advance. How long will users continue to believe such statements? Is it really that bad?

By the way, Samsung has saved the game in its store. And, further, for information – “Fortnite” – shareware game. Nuance: using the game currency (V-bucks – “virtual bucks”), you can buy additional options in the game. “V-bucks” are freely purchased using a Bank card or “PayPal”.

Thus, when you enter “Fortnite” discounts on “V-bucks” up to 20% – on PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, the new price is applied automatically.


Of course, in response to the reaction of removing the game, Epic Games sued both companies with charges of violating antitrust laws (presumably with the wording about abuse of rights in a dominant position in the market).


Interesting facts:


– In 2018, Fortnite collected the largest revenue in the history of computer games in the world – $2.4 billion;

– In 2019, the winner of the Fortnite World Cup, an American teenager, received $3 million.

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