The Russian Antimonopoly regulator FAS (Federal Antimonopoly service) has declared Apple a violator – the regulator said that the company abused its dominant position in the iOS app market by restricting third-party apps in the App Store using non-competitive methods.

Similar lawsuits against the IT industry giant have been filed in many other countries in Europe and Asia. Russia also issued a court decision on a complaint filed last year by Kaspersky Lab in relation to the parental control program Kaspersky Safe Kids (KSK).

Interestingly, the FAS of the Russian Federation made such a conclusion from the review of the materials that Apple reserved the right to reject the application of a third-party developer even if it fully meets the company’s requirements.

Quote from the FAS Russia press release:


“The case (the case of signs of violation of part 1 of article 10 Of the law on protection of competition) was initiated on the application of Kaspersky Lab about the unjustified rejection of versions of the parental control program Kaspersky Safe Kids (KSK) by Apple, as a result of which the next version of KSK lost a significant part of its functionality. At the same time, Apple introduced its own Screen Time app to the market in iOS version 12, which coincides with parental control apps in its capabilities.”

Also, the FAS concluded that Apple, which occupies a “dominant position with a 100% share in the market for distributing mobile apps on the iOS operating system,” has been following unfair practices since October 2018. The company, as stated on the Agency’s website, “limited tools and capabilities for developing parental control applications, resulting in the loss of most of the functionality of third-party applications.”


The FAS of Russia should soon issue an order to Apple to eliminate violations.

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