Since the summer of last year, the voice assistants of the IT industry giants have begun to undergo changes after several major data leaks.

It is no secret that companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook have recently passed “deanonymized” voice message data to their contractors for processing.

As we have already found out, this deanonymization of messages is very superficial – that is, with minimal analytical abilities and basic knowledge in the field of IT, it is quite possible to fully authenticate each individual user – whether it is Siri, Cortana, Skype, Alexa or Google Assistant.

All this data, as previously reported, contains a set of data that is not processed properly: that is, knowing the IP address, time of purchase in the same Amazon store, link with the address and Bank card data-the contractor of the Corporation does not have any difficulty in authenticating any particular user.

All of these large corporations conduct voice message checks to debug speech recognition systems, including using artificial intelligence – all to improve the service.

However, only now they have introduced the real possibility of explicitly disabling the functions of storing audio recordings on company servers. However, these functions are quite difficult to use for a simple layman – to make the correct configuration, the user will have to spend a lot of time studying the delights of corporate lawyers, delve into the depths of operating systems and the wilds of confusing settings, even for specialists.

The main joke of the same Google is that you can only disable these features in full for accounts created after June 2020. And those that were created earlier will store data for the last 18 months, but you can disable them later.

In addition, due to many investigations, recordings of voice messages of the same Google and others, for example, in some European countries and for the time being suspended or to some extent limited.

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