“Bloomberg” and “new York times” through their sources provided information about the conduct of “Microsoft” negotiations on the acquisition of the Chinese video application “Tik-Tok”.


“Tik-Tok” has long been under attack from many governments, including in the United States, where President Donald trump recently announced plans to ban the use of this video application in the country.

The essence of criticism from the trump administration is problems with national security, the privacy of underage users, and the possibility of the Chinese government’s influence on the owners of the app.


And, although TikTok is not a public company, some bytedance investors value TikTok at about $ 50 billion, and The Times at $ 100 billion.


In the light of all this information, as well as the strategy that all The bigtech giants have followed in the past six months, it is not surprising that such news as the negotiations on the proposed purchase of Microsoft, which, like other similar companies, has long developed special operating conditions for itself, has its own views on international legislation, and in some surprising way receives a “green light” in the financial difficulties of competitors or absorbed companies.

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