Apple has finally given iOS users the opportunity to become full participants in testing beta versions of new releases of operating systems for smartphones and tablets.

Currently available for testing iOS14.

There was also a parallel not so much with the interface, but with the features and functions that have long been implemented in Android, namely:

The ability to place widgets in any place (page) on the desktop (and not in a specialized menu);

The ability to place two widgets in the menu (in iOS13 and previous ones – strictly one in a row);

“Picture in picture” video viewing Mode (although there is no official Youtube app yet, but this is easily fixed by viewing via Safari);

Due attention to user privacy (notifying the user about the use of a microphone, camera, access to the device’s memory, including the clipboard);

Changes in incoming call notification mode (now the call notification does not interrupt what You are doing at the moment);

In Siri: now works as a large icon at the bottom of the screen;

Sound Recognition: for people with impaired hearing and music lovers who prefer to listen to music at high volume;

The Only new app – “Translation” (similar to “Google Translate” – it is available for translation from 11 languages, dictation and insertion of copied parts of texts from other applications, the ability to work offline).

What is the result? Undoubtedly, Apple has pleased its fans with the expected changes.

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