The Xbox Series X could be a breakthrough gaming device. Microsoft’s Velocity system improves the console’s performance, taking its capabilities to the next level of development…

Functionally, Velocity Architecture is a set of technologies from Microsoft designed to optimize data exchange in the Xbox Series X buses with the exception of” bottlenecks “- that is, on the principle of”the squadron moves at the speed of the slowest ship”.

The Velocity Architecture complex has four parts: SSD, hardware decompression of information, a new API for working with data on SSD, and a system for intelligent loading of textures in RAM.

According to Microsoft, a set of measures to optimize the device will allow developers a greater degree of freedom, also when generating projects with volume-detailed worlds.

It is expected that the loading screens will disappear and the instant moving system will be really instantaneous.

The full list of changes is available on the official Microsoft blog.

In addition to hardware changes, the company intends to make the release of some games (for example, STALKER 2) an exclusive of the new Xbox Series X and Windows 10, as well as stop supporting some older versions of games (you can also see the list of updated so far in the official blog on the device).

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