A major failure of Garmin services, presumably caused by the activity of the new WastedLocker virus, has been going on for several days.

Representatives of Garmin do not confirm this information, but many researchers and specialists are inclined to this scenario, judging by the scale, structure and results of the attack.

This failure has the status of a worldwide failure, and the Garmin Connect system used in synchronization with servers is not functioning, and the other functions of the devices are not violated.

In any case, the company in the first hours referred to minor technical failures and problems, but then in its Twitter account recognized the presence of such a large-scale problem.

According to the materials provided by DownDetector, this mainly affected Europe and some US States, plus southern Australia.


The failure also disrupted the activity of the Garmin call center: this applies both to calls, as well as to the operation of email and online chats.

A cyberattack is expected, resulting in the blocking of not only the company’s services, but also production lines in Asia.

According to experts from Fox-IT, WastedLocker is a development of the hacker group Evil Corp, which has existed since 2007. This virus first became known in July 2020 – it was reported by Fox-IT and Malwarebytes specialists.

If this is really a WastedLocker, then it is likely that the organizers of this action could request an amount from $500 thousand to $10 million in bitcoins – this is the amount (Malwarebytes data) that they indicated to other victims of the cryptographer.

However, there is no unambiguously confirmed information yet – and therefore all this cannot be considered confirmation of a cyberattack.

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