Against the background of high-profile fraud on the accounts of celebrities in last week’s hacker campaign to collect cryptocurrency-additional research has shown serious vulnerabilities in the security of the social network.

It turned out that, first of all, many employees, including those who are not directly employees of Twitter, that is, hired by third-party organizations (that is, at the second level of outsourcing!), had access to the level that allows you to change user privacy settings.

New details are constantly emerging about potential security breaches, including the FBI investigation.

That is, in fact, thousands of employees not only had access to account privacy settings, but could also change their access level when transferring their accounts in the course of their work.

However, according to the management of the social network, access of this level is only transferred “for good reasons”, and there are no reliable signs that this method of transferring authority led to hacking.

However, third-party experts do not exclude the possibility of intercepting high-level access accounts transmitted by Twitter employees.

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