This was a “prank” to collect cryptocurrency, and the consequences could be much more serious.

On July 15, 2020, a campaign was launched, attacking the Twitter accounts of many famous rich people (bill gates, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Barack Obama and Elon Musk).

From their accounts, tweets were published about their alleged desire to “share” their assets with other users of the social network, and to receive them, it was necessary to send an amount to the specified bitcoin wallet, with a refund of twice within 30 minutes…

“I return bitcoins to all my subscribers. And I will double the amount when sending the currency back. You send me 0.1 bitcoin and get 0.2 bitcoin back!” — it was indicated in a message on Elon Musk’s account.

These tweets were deleted after a few minutes, however, the total result of the hacker attack is more than a hundred thousand dollars…

How did this happen?

According to InfoWatch experts, vulnerabilities discovered over the past few months (API instability, as well as an insecure Android app and data from the Firefox cache) were used for exploitation.despite the fact that patches and fixes were released, it seems that the attackers were able to use this data in advance to prepare and implement the attack.

The company “Group-IB” assumes a two-stage method of hacking victims ‘ accounts: first, access to the admin panel (for spoofing email addresses and resetting two-factor authentication), – then directly log in to the page and write a message on behalf of the account owner.

What consequences could there be?

While it is clear to any sane person that 99.9% (excluding the option of obvious insanity) is fraud, as a result, users of the social network were not ready to observe the basic digital hygiene and imagine exactly what they are doing at a given time. Vedb if they just asked themselves a few simple questions and answered them themselves-of course, many would give up trying their luck. This is what the calculation is based on – so that the excitement interrupts common sense…

Consider the possible consequences:

  1. For example, the President of a country would declare war on another country.

You don’t even need to say anything more…

  1. The head of a large company to write about their plans, I will Express some controversial assumption or opinion.

This way you can manipulate the stock exchange and change the price of companies ‘ shares. Tweets, as it turned out, may well affect the stock exchange like any other source of information: the us securities and exchange Commission (SEC) ruled on such aspects as writing tweets by Elon Musk without the prior consent of a Tesla lawyer in social networks for the reason of his tweet about the possibility of making Tesla a private company again (with the purchase of all shares for $420), which led to a 10% drop in the share price at once…

  1. There are also cases of criminal prosecution for publishing messages in social networks.

And if another person writes it, what will you do?

At the same time:

You need to understand that any system is susceptible to hacking. The question is how quickly employees recognize a malicious attack and how quickly they respond to it.

Also, social network administrators can control the news feed. For example, block and change trends and search results. It turns out that this is not a platform with user-generated content, if administrators independently create a news agenda. So you can introduce censorship in social networks.

Let’s hope that security will not stand still, and users will still start to learn to think about the consequences of their actions, stop acting “automatically”.

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