The twentieth century has pleased companies with the appearance of computer systems, starting from conducting bulk calculations on the first lamp devices, then with the appearance of personal computers and network computing infrastructure, which is now approaching the deployment of a completely different level of system in cloud clusters…

But business owners and officials, due to their specific organization and strategy of thinking aimed at maximizing the optimization of processes in the conditions of capitalism and excessive verification of the correctness of investments – began to wonder by the end of the twentieth century – is everything so good with the consequences of computerization of business (processes, reporting, and others)?


It seems that everything from the point of view of the financier is quite simple: calculating such a parameter as ROI (Return On Investments, “return on investment”) will give answers to all questions… Calculated. So what? It turned out that, due to the amazing multi-factor nature of the IT infrastructure of almost all major companies, it is almost impossible to isolate IT separately – you can roughly understand, but this does not satisfy meticulous financiers until now.

What about the IT industry specialists themselves? They are all also very simple – they realize how algorithmization business processes into existing business models and processes – that is, the same essential external and internal environment, such as the availability of electricity for lighting, or the need for all people to breathe and eat – that is, computerization (digitalization) has become a vital component of the objective reality, the influence of which does not make sense to calculate – it is necessary to consider.

That is, in this case, you need to understand that in the modern world, it is not even information that rules, but the ability to work correctly with its flow.

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