Specialists of the it company “Trend Micro Incorporated” conducted their own research on the prospects of 5g network security – “Securing 5G Through Cyber-Telecom Identity Federation”.

In short, the conclusions are very disappointing, as for the security situation at the moment – it is possible to implement many types of attacks on such networks, from the hardware to the software level of penetration.

Of course, many of these attacks are not immune to the current network – only the situation is changing radically due to the difference in data transfer speed and, as a result, in the efficiency of potential hackers.

In particular it and software vulnerability on SIM cards, unauthorized roaming to connect to “need” a phishing cell tower (even software), not to mention the creation of blind spots in a distributed network to deploy mobile base cyber attacks with hard-defined dislocation.

In the list of potential “tidbits” – the entire IoT industry, its simplicity and reliability, combined with a low overall level of computer literacy of users, conceals an abyss of options for using thousands of vulnerabilities that have been found only to date.

Don’t get bogged down in technical details report the safety of 5g networks from “Trend Micro Incorporated”, it can be noted that, at this point, the only thing that can make competent people, in addition to the correct settings of their devices is urgently at the first technical capabilities, to replace their existing SIM card to a new 5G standard, which, however, will maintain the old standards, but are free from the shortcomings of the current maps that will be critical in 5G networks/

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