With 200 million native American users, TikTok, which has a simple user interface, background music options, and various special effects, has become a growing force on the national social media scene, and the ban has forced fans to look for options.

Roposo, an Indian video-sharing social media app similar to TikTok that has been around since 2014, has seen its user base grow by 22 million in two days after India banned Chinese apps.



The number of roposo downloads on Google’s Android currently exceeds 80 million, and Bhangadia expects it to reach 100 million in just a few days. Before the ban, Roposo had about 50 million installations on Android devices, making up the bulk of India’s nearly 500 million smartphones (the company, based in a tech hub in southern India in Bangalore, currently has just 200 employees, but plans to hire up to 10,000 people over the next two years and could take the app to a global level).

Indian technology and entertainment companies are looking to capitalize on sudden opportunities arising from a government ban on Chinese apps, including the hugely popular TikTok, with one competing video app that said it added 22 million users in 48 hours. This week, India banned 59 Chinese-owned apps, including Tencent’s TikTok and WeChat, in what the country’s technology Minister called a “digital blow” to China.

The move came after a conflict between India and China over a disputed Himalayan stretch of the border, with the loss of 20 Indian troops in manpower.

Other alternatives to TikTok, such as Chingari and Mitron, are also popular with users, many of whom use social media to echo the Prime Minister’s call for an independent India.

“We have to create our own ecosystem, every country has done this, this is our atma-nirbhar program,” the government Minister said.

New players also get into a “fight”. According To Rajneel Kumar, head of The zee5 digital device division, in Mumbai, Zee Entertainment Enterprises plans to launch an ad-supported short film platform, HiPi, in the next two months.

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