A new Google Chrome extension released by Check Point called ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free provides users with free protection from multiple dangerous vices on the internet. This is big news for everyone as it is rare to find something that can protect from phishing, malware, and viruses and it’s completely free.

By adding the ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free extension to Chrome, users’ default search engine will switch to Check Point’s ZoneAlarm Safe Search which is up to date on online threats and security risks, allowing you to observe the potential risks of any links brought up by your searches. Not only has it quickly risen to one of Google Chrome’s most popular extensions, but it has come to light at an excellent time with the rise of many coronavirus related scams.

ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free protects its users from phishing through ZoneAlarm Zero-Phishing. By scanning all websites it checks if they are liable to steal your personal information before you attempt to input it yourself and find out the hard way. Your personal information can be worth more than your actual funds making it the biggest target for online thieves.

ZoneAlarm’s Threat Extraction software will allow you to download files online without fear of pernicious attachments. Threat Extraction will read all code and remove any malicious files so that you can open what’s been made available to you in peace.

There have been over 16,000 coronavirus related domains registered since January, and these domains are 50% more likely to be malicious than others. This means now is a good time as any to add the ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free extension to your Google Chrome browser. You will be able to stay up to date on virus information as well as browse the web at your leisure with the comfort of state of the art cyber security.

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